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At Barry S. Franklin & Associates,

We are dedicated to providing high quality legal representation to our clients for all matters undertaken by the law firm. Each client and respective legal matter is given the time and attention that it deserves. To the extent possible and feasible, each legal matter is carefully evaluated during the initial client consultation. With that being said, every client should be aware that sometimes plans and strategy must be altered to accommodate changes in legal and/or factual circumstances as the matter develops; taking into consideration, among other things, positions asserted and/or maintained by the adverse party, Court rulings and economic factors. The law firm strongly adheres to the “old school” philosophy that there is no acceptable substitute for hard work and preparation. While there are no guarantees nor can any professional predict the outcome of a contested matter with absolute certainty, the attorneys at this firm do their best to achieve reasonable client goals and expectations in every legal matter handled by the law firm. Generally, the strategy employed by the firm is to work hard and prepare every matter to hopefully be amicably resolved out of Court at the appropriate time, but when necessary in those instances where out of Court settlements are not obtained, to be sufficiently prepared for those matters to be satisfactorily resolved through ultimate judicial determination. In other words, the law firm’s successfully proven philosophy is to pursue each legal matter on “parallel tracks” pushing for early and amicable out of Court resolution but when that is not attainable for whatever reason to be effectively prepared for the alternative which usually means contested litigation in the Court system.

We make it clear in each and every written contract for legal services that no significant pleadings, motions or for that matter anything in writing including correspondence is ever sent out of the office without the client’s prior notice and ultimate approval. Moreover, no depositions are ever taken without the client’s prior approval and sufficient funds on hand to cover the reasonably anticipated costs for depositions to be taken. Likewise, no expert witnesses or other professionals are retained by or on behalf of any client without the client’s prior notice and ultimate approval. Clients are encouraged to be “proactive” and to be part of a “team effort” in the ultimate resolution of each and every legal matter entrusted to the law firm. Unlike other law firms, at Barry S. Franklin & Associates, the lawyers here never forget that the attorney works for the client; and therefore, the client has ultimate decision making authority on the important decisions affecting the client’s legal matter entrusted to the law firm.

Each legal matter is absolutely unique and we firmly believe in individualized representation based upon the particular circumstances of each case and respective client.

With Mr. Franklin’s more than 44 years of experience, every client and legal matter is handled in the best way possible to assist the client individually, and where applicable, other family members vicariously such as minor children. Mr. Franklin is always most concerned about the needs and best interests of the children in any legal matter. He has dedicated time and effort over the years of his practice as a Guardian ad Litem and otherwise proven himself to be a true champion of children’s rights. There is an important reason why the office is decorated with photographs of children depicted in various scenes from all over the world.

At Barry S. Franklin & Associates, we work with some of the top forensic accountants, business valuators, vocational experts and therapists in Florida to bring our clients the best outcome possible.

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